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Yoga & breakfast

Imagine the morning sun on a summer day. Take a few steps along the river that flows through the farm, roll out your yoga mat, and settle in for a moment for both body and mind. Perhaps let your body rest for a while, let your feet feel the grass before the yoga class starts.
During the class, flow through gentle positions that are both strengthening and offer increased flexibility. After the class, you can sit quietly on the mat and enjoy a delicious breakfast.
Yoga at Strömma is an experience, a start that makes a difference for the rest of the day."

Bra att veta

what form of yoga?
The classes are based on the concept of Global Yoga. A yoga style where physical challenges are interspersed with mental intentions. Techniques from both the East and the West are blended in yoga classes with precision and flow.
who can participate?
Everyone can participate, both the more experienced yogi and the one who is a bit more novice. You perform the positions according to your own abilities in harmony with your breath.

what do i have to bring? 
Yoga mat. If you don't have one, feel free to use a bath towel, or why not let your feet be barefoot on the grass?

Vem håller i yoga-klasserna? 
Malin at Green room training
Malin is trained in the Global Yoga concept and has several certifications, including yoga basics, yoga deepening, restorative yoga, yin yoga, anatomy, and assisting. Malin also has extensive experience as a leader in gymnastics, dance, cross-training, SOMA MOVE, and mindfulness.

What does the breakfast include? 

The breakfast is a delightful and cozy buffet served in our mill. It includes homemade bread, green smoothies, granola, yogurt, fruit, cheese, brie, ham, pea shoots, eggs, and vegetables.

How long are the classes? 
Classes are 75 minutes long and usually end with a relaxing session.