Drömmen om Strömma

Strömma Farmlodge is run by me, Marina, and I have many close and dear ones who support and help me when needed.
In the summer, we are about 75 people working at Strömma, and without all these wonderful people - 
 I wouldn't have come far.
I also love great collaborations where one can have the opportunity to grow as a person but also allow others to grow. I believe in exchanging experiences, knowledge, and giving others hope to pursue their dreams.
The dream of Strömma started in the summer of 2012, and since then, the journey has been fast.
With determination, clear goals, and hard work, it has given me the opportunity to realize my dreams.
I do my best to create and manage Strömma by trying to create a place I myself would like to visit.

Hope to see you at Strömma!"

Marina Evertsson