COSY coolt vitality 
quality koselig rolig (norsk)
sköna bäddar kärlek charmigt vila fint

schysst fotomiljö supertrevligt energi
helt underbart fantastiskt INSPIRERANDE hjärtligt
god frukost
underbart mysigt kärleksfullt harmoni förändrat myyyys livskvalitet känsla trevligt fantastiskt place härligt sommarkänsla häftigt frihetskänsla hemtrevligt supermysigt mycket omtyckt idyll lovely

    //gästerna 2013

Bed & Breakfast in Varberg

Welcome to my Bed & Breakfast and summer café in Tvååker, just outside the town of Varberg. Come and stay in a place that’s sympathetically restored, rustically stylish and located out here in the countryside in peaceful and relaxing surroundings. 
In June 2013 we opened our doors to a truly wonderful place! Old on the outside, but freshly renovated on the inside. And we don’t just offer 4 rooms and 8 beds - our concept is to bring our guests inspiration, plenty of feeling and tonnes of lovely experiences. 
You’ll be reminded of something tranquil and relaxed, of times gone by. A sense of being safe and secure, a sense of closeness. 
Water flowing past just outside Your window, why don’t You nip down and dip Your feet?!
Grazing heifers and cows about to calve… 
Wake up to the sound of birds singing and chirping…
You are surrounded by nature, close to the sea as well as lots of fantastic lakes. 

If You feel Yourself getting all warm and fuzzy inside when You read these lines, then You’ve found the right place for You! 
Welcome to Strömma Farmlodge, where You’ll have a near-life experience!

Nästa Melodikryss

28 juni

We’ve want to protect & uphold the cultural heritage, which is slowly dying out. So we’ve welcomed it with open arms at Strömma Farmlodge and now it’s here to stay!