Staying at Strömma Farmlodge

Welcome to our lovely Bed & Breakfast, located in our dwelling house. The house is build 1939 and we’ve done everything to maintain the old cozy feeling, we’ve decided to keep the old creaking floors to keep it as real and original as possible. 

Today we have 4 rooms available, everyone with a different atmosphere, this makes it possible for you to book the room that make your heart skip a beat. 
The rooms are named after the older generations of women that have made a big imprint on my life and in my heart. 

A double-room costs SEK 1700/night (single-room SEK 1200/night). Cleaning, bedsheets, towels and a lovely breakfast is included in the price. 
(For full refunding, cancellations have to be made at least 48h in advance to arrival day at 3pm)

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Ada, the woman who drew the house, bithed 9 children at Strömma and seems to have been a woman of steel! Naturally the biggest room is named after her. From the beginning this room has had the nickname of being the wedding-suite and we would love for that to continue. 

In this room you will find a small couch and the possibility to sit by the window and keep an eye over the garden. In this room you will have the sun shining through the windows in the morning, a lovely way to wake up!


Junis, my mothers grandmother. 
I still remember the smell in her home! A real farming-wife who weren’t afraid to do everything necessary. Pastries and colas, that is Junis. Thanks to Junis we serve soda in glass bottles in the café, that was just the way we drank them at her place. 

The room is, just like Junis, dresses and beautiful table cloths. In this room you will have a lovely evening-sun. The common area and bathroom right outside the door. 


Signhild, she was happy with the simple things. She was close to nature and made incredible buns in her stone-house at Gotland. How I wish I would have had the privilege to know her as a grown up. To this day I live off the memories from that house I will never forget. 

In this room we keep it minimalistic, lovely white wooden walls. A bit danish, simple, inspired by the nature, just like Signhild! Afternoon- and eveningsun!


Aunt Astrid, the enthusiast in out lives, if only she know how much she is worth!

The most beautiful room with view over the water is naturally named after her. From the windows you will be able to see the animals on the fields, this room also has amazing sun in the mornings!