Country style wedding!

Do You dream of a wedding in the country, a unique and truly special experience for both You and Your guests?

The wedding ceremony in the meadow, by the brook or inside the barn with the high ceiling. The guests will be seated on bales of hay during the ceremony, the landscape and nature around us is the greatest source of inspiration and we also make practical use of this when we decorate the venue! 

We will be sitting on mismatched chairs, eating with mismatched cutlery and the food will be served on mismatched plates. Everyone will have their own unique place setting and it’ll be a wedding Your guests shan’t forget in a hurry!

As of summer of 2015, we’ll offer a complete package. We’ll help You with everything from invitations and wedding bouquet to table decorations, food and dessert. We also have great contacts when it comes to hairdressers and photographers etc. 

Please send us an email if You fancy spending Your Big Day at Strömma Farmlodge and we hope we can help You create that wonderful, special day and also help You will the planning and all the tasks that will have to be dealt with up to then.