Strömma Farmlodge

We currently offer 4 rooms. All of them with a distinctly unique feel!
This means that You can book the room, where You might feel Your heart skip a beat. The rooms are named after the older generation. Women and spirited enthusiasts that have left their own individual mark inside my heart!

The charge for a double room is 799 SEK/night, i.e. 399 SEK per person, 200 SEK per child and then the cleaning, bed linen and a gorgeous, farmhouse-style breakfast is included too. The rooms are equipped with 2 beds and an additional bed can be provided too. 
During the low season (September to April) the charge for a double room is 699 SEK/night. 
If You are booking rooms for the whole family, then it is possible to rent a separate part of the house. 


Ada is the woman that designed the house, gave birth to 9 children at Strömma and almost feels like a superwoman. 
Surely You agree that the largest room quite simply had to be named after her. Right from the start, this room was nicknamed the “honeymoon suite”, so I guess that name will live on. 
There’s a little sofa in this room. You can sit by the window and admire the orchard. In this room You’ll have the first rays of morning sun and indeed sunshine through to lunch; absolutely wonderful to wake up to!


Junis, my mother’s paternal grandmother I can still remember the scent in her home! A real farmer’s wife, who weren’t afraid to dig in and get her hands dirty. Biscuits and toffees, that’s was Junis in a nutshell. 
The room is masculine and stylish. Perfect for a best man! But also for You, the guest with a touch of style and flair. This room offers gorgeous evening sun!


Signhild was a woman that was perfectly satisfied with the simple things in life. She had a close connection to the nature around her and baked truly scrumptious buns in her stone cottage on the island of Gotland. 
Oh, how I wish I’d had the privilege to know her as an adult. Now I have to keep the memories alive from that house, which I’ll never forget. 
In this room we have a more minimalistic approach, lovely original wooden walls that have been painted white. A bit Danish, a bit down-to-Earth, a bit of nature, just like Singan! Afternoon and evening sun!


Aunt Astrid, the spirited devotee in our everyday life, if only she knew she’s worth her weight in gold!
I’ve given her name to the most beautiful room with the most gorgeous view of the water. From here You can look out to see the cows that are about to calve. The morning sun is magnificent!

Inte bara rum...